Homeschool Curriculum

Church & Culture supports the vision and enterprise of homeschooling families, and seeks to serve their mission by supplying curriculum that speaks to understanding the flow of history, the state of contemporary culture, and then a life being developed to make a difference in the world through spiritual formation, the development of a Christian mind, the pursuit of Christian vocation, and alignment with the local church. As a result, a homeschooling curriculum has been developed around the content of the book, Serious Times, by Dr. James Emery White.

This 13-week course includes a copy of the book Serious Times, along with teacher’s guide, student workbook, reading lists, suggested media, activities and more. This homeschooling curriculum was shaped by James Emery White, along with his wife, Susan, who has homeschooled their four children.

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Serious Times Homeschool Curriculum - Student Guide
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Serious Times Homeschool Curriculum - Teachers Guide

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