Twenty-Five Toward a Christian Worldview

Blamires, Harry. The Christian Mind.

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich. The Cost of Discipleship.

Brown, Colin. Philosophy and the Christian Faith.

Chesterton, G.K. Orthodoxy.

Colson, Charles. How Now Should We Live?

Dawson, Christopher. Religion and the Rise of Western Culture.

Dooyeweerd, Herman. Roots of Western Culture.

Holmes, Arthur. All Truth is God’s Truth.

Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity.

Lewis, C.S. The Abolition of Man .

Moreland, J.P. Love Your God with All Your Mind.

Neuhaus, Richard John. The Naked Public Square.

Newbigin, Lesslie. The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.

Nicoli, Armand. The Question of God.

Noll, Mark A. The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.

Packer, J.I. Knowing God.

Schaeffer, Francis. Escape from Reason.

Sider, Ron. Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger.

Sire, James. The Universe Next Door.

Stott, John R.W. Basic Christianity.

ten Boom, Corrie. The Hiding Place.

Veith, Gene Edward. Postmodern Times.

Walsh, Brian and J. Middleton. The Transforming Vision.

White, James Emery. Serious Times.

Yancey, Philip. What’s So Amazing About Grace?

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