Everything They Want to Know About Jesus... but have been afraid to ask

What kind of responses would you get if you set up a web page allowing people to anonymously submit questions they've always wanted to ask about Jesus, and then made it known to an audience consisting of a large number of people who are exploring Christianity for their life?

That is exactly what we recently did at Mecklenburg Community Church and we were blown away by both the volume of the response as well as the insightful, informed nature of the questions. Spiritual and biblical illiteracy in a post-Christian world does not mean they don't hear enough of a Christian echo to know what their questions are.

It's the answers that elude them.

After sifting through the questions, it became clear they could be grouped around three poles: 1) the personal life of Jesus; 2) the actions of Jesus; and 3) the saving work of Jesus.

Here are the top five questions in each category (And, granted, some of the nomenclature is ours – e.g., not many knew anything about Calvinism; however, they intuitively asked Calvinism/Arminianism types of questions.). Click here to continue reading this post and to view the blog archive.

Daily Headline News

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Bey and Bey's God

The answer seems to be this: God is real (Beyoncé has famously proclaimed as much), a listening deity close to the despairing, the provider and protector of the weak. But sometimes men try to play God. They make themselves idols. And women get hurt. (Wilkinson, Christianity Today)


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Calvinist? And Other Salvation Questions

Whether we have grown up in the church our entire lives or are just starting to explore the Christian faith, we all have questions about Jesus that we're often afraid to ask. For a month prior to the start of this series, people submitted their questions (anonymously) through an online web form. Those questions were then used to build this series called, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Jesus, But Were Afraid to Ask." All of the questions fell into broad themes or areas. The first week tackles the #3 most popular question theme, and each week leads up to the final installment of the series with the #1 most popular question theme.

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