Seven Reasons to Homeschool

I believe, to the core of my being, that every parent who can (and not all can) should homeschool their children.

There. I've said it.

And I stand by it.

Here are seven reasons why:

First, it fosters family intimacy. When the family is together, it's together. Homeschooling keeps the family together; the older children with the younger children—full interaction. For one year, we put our oldest daughter, Rebecca, into a private Christian school for first grade. She would come home tired, irritable, impatient with her younger siblings. The intimacy she had with us – that we all had together – was radically different than what we had experienced before. We went back to homeschooling after that, and the difference was immediate and palpable. Intimacy returned in ways that we were accustomed to.

Second, it allows for controlled socialization with peers. I find it almost amusing that people use "socialization" as a baseball bat against homeschooling. So let me get this straight: Sending your child away at the earliest of ages to be with 25 other kids and one adult for the bulk of every day and every week, away from the home and family, is normal socialization in light of the history of civilization? The truth is that homeschooling fosters positive socializing by letting you control the friends your child has, as opposed to whoever or whatever is most popular. It lets you establish respect for authority and the appropriate way to interact with others.

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